Rest Easy America

Rest Easy America
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American politics in 2016 is very scary.

A large, vocal minority are expressing their anger at our political system by supporting Donald J Trump, a man who has clearly demonstrated throughout the primary and now general election his psychopathic personality.  Lying, threatening, dramatically changing positions for each audience, and promoting a bigoted agenda against African Americans, Mexicans, and immigrants.

Every day brings new assaults on logic and the truth.  At least once a week he says something that in any previous campaign would have killed a candidate’s chances and yet he continues to register about 43% in national polls. Almost half of the electorate supports a man who knows nothing about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. They support a man who starts out his campaign appearances by threatening the media. On occasion he has singled out specific journalists who later required the Secret Service to escort them out of the hall and to their cars.

The fire of anger, ignorance, and bigotry is being fanned by the Right-Wing media who have, after 30 years of propaganda have prepared the a segment of white America to follow a demagogue who embodies the ugliness they have been broadcasting.

I fear for this country. There are strong similarities between now and the fall of the German Wiemar Republic and the rise of Adolf Hitler.

I could go on and on about how Trump is unqualified to be president and how he is a genuine existential threat to the U.S. and the world, but what is the point?

All that is left is to vote for sanity on Election Day, November 8th.

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