Desperadoes and a Pinata

Desperadoes and a Pinata

Desperadoes, Cara and Friend

On Saturday, I went to Wisconsin to spend time with Becky’s family. After all these years, I count them as my family too. The reason for my trip was the combined birthday party for Cara, age 6, and her brother Abe, age 3.  All of the party guests were friends of Cara’s who also knew Abe. Although to be honest, Abe’s attention was split between the other children, his two dogs, and sundry objects like a piece of rope and a bungee cord.

Cara is a very social little girl. She is bright and energetic. She also has a level of poise that I don’t often see in children her age. When I talk with her I am surprised by the complexity of her thoughts. It will be enlightening to follow her as she grows up.

Abe is physically strong, fearless, and in perpetual motion. Those are traits of the men in the Olson family. Also, Abe is able to amuse himself, which I take to be a sign of a very creative imagination. As he gets older, I look forward to conversations with him. I am interested in his perceptions and what his internal life is like.

I have no doubt that their parents, Lisa and Derek, will have their hands full as both children grow older.

Back at the birthday party, a pinata was hung from the tree. Because the thing was made of Kevlar and body armor it was impervious to the battering it received from the kids who gave it their best efforts. Lisa, seeing that the pinata was winning, poked a few holes in it and after a few more batters, it gave up its treasures.

20130518-01-031-1_LesPhillips Bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded.


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