Copyright / Licensing

Unless otherwise noted, all photography and text in, i.e. blogs, are the intellectual property of the author, Les Phillips. Works by other persons are also protected by copyright.

All intellectual property, hereafter called content, is copyrighted and may not be reproduced, distributed, or used in any way without the express permission of the author  and the purchase/grant of the appropriate license.

Photographs: Archival digital prints are available for purchase.
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Exception: students and teachers are permitted to copy and use content in an educational, non-commercial setting so long as the author, Les Phillips, is identified as the source. Attribution should follow accepted photo credit, footnote or bibliography standards. Content created by Les Phillips can be displayed on the internet or posted by other digital means such as email or Twitter, so long as the author is given credit AND a link to the original page where the content appears is included.

Use of content in any commercial educational material requires the purchase of a license.


Commercial and Non-Profit licenses to reproduce content are available. Typically, these licenses are for single use only. At all times the author, Les Phillips, retains full rights of the content. Price of the license is determined on an individual basis.

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Updated: 09/13/2015